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English 1 (Period 4)

Kaitlin Mauro
Language Arts


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Bellwork 9/9-9/13

9/9 - Define: theme
      Copy down this standard and objective: 9.RL.KID.2  Determine theme and analyze its development. -- The student will: Determine a possible theme by its development in the story. 
9/10 - What is one of your goals for this  year?
9/11 - What do you know about September 11, 2001?
9/12 - What is your dream career? Why?
9/13 - Are you superstitious? Does Friday the 13th bother you?

Bellwork 9/3-6

9/3 - What is one thing that happened to you over the weekend? 
9/5 - Who is your hero and why?
9/6 - What do you think is the key to happiness?

Bellwork 8/26-30

8/26 - What is foreshadowing?
8/27 - Identify the sentence as active or passive.
      1. The car was cleaned by Todd. 
      2. I am going to the store. 
8/28 - What is suspense? What is an element of literature writers use to build suspense? (Hint: We have talked about it in class and in your notes.)
8/29 - What is the direct object of this sentence?:
       Krystal met a military man at the airport. 
8/30 - Define: theme 

Test on August 30!

Good morning, all! Don't forget that you have a test tomorrow: Friday, August 30, 2019. 

Keep your notes and be sure to study over: 
-Cause and Effect
-Two types of conflict and examples of conflict (i.e. self vs. self, self vs. nature, etc)
-Elements of plot structure 

Also, use your previous knowledge and/or relearn: 

Also remember that the plot structure map that we have completed in class, as well as the active and passive voice assignment we did today in class will be included in the test grade. 

I hope you have a great day and good luck on the test tomorrow!

See blogsite!


How are ya? I just wanted to send out a reminder that the class blogsite www.mauroela9.weebly.com is being updated daily. Notes are up to date on there, so if you miss a day or want to see the notes in a digital format, they are there. Feel free to peruse those. 

If you have any questions, please email me and I will be glad to help! 

See ya Friday!

Bellwork 8/19 - 8/23

Bellwork for this week will be below, for those who are absent or need to catch up. I know that a lot of students have been moving around a lot. 
8/19 - To the best of your knowledge, define: cause and effect.
8/20 - Give two examples of cause and effect.
8/21 - Map out the plot structure of "The Rights to the Streets of Memphis" by Richard Wright
8/22 - Why is voice important in writing? What does voice mean?
8/23 - Define passive and active voice. 

The short story can be found by Googling online. If you need notes, please see the blogsite www.mauroela9.weebly.com to browse through notes you need to catch up on. 

CAT Time 8/20/19

Students, as you know, CAT Time is the 25 minutes before lunch that we have for ELA (English Language Arts) reinforcement. What we are currently working on is to help build your narrative writing ability in the event of the End of Course exams featuring a narrative. It will either be a narrative, expository, or argumentative writing piece, so we need to be fully prepared. 

We will continue writing your narratives tomorrow, 8/21, and I will be coming around the room to assist you. I'll have notes on the board in which you will need to follow explicitly. The art of writing is extremely important, not only for the academic world, but also for the working world. Not everything can be done via computer, and even if it could, one with the more mature writing skills is the one more likely to get the job. 

Come to class tomorrow prepared to revise your narrative, not chat with your friends. This is a time for you to get the help you feel you may need to get a better score on the EOC. REMEMBER: the EOC counts for 20% of your final grade in my class. If you fail my class, you fail the whole 9th grade. Just a tidbit. 

Let me help you and I promise, you will soar. See you tomorrow!

In Case You Missed It... 8/20/19

Students and Parents,

In the event that you have missed today and/or had a scheduling change, today we completed the short story "The Rights to the Streets of Memphis" by Richard Wright and answered questions on page 123-124 regarding the story. The questions were analyzing the story for cause and effect, which is what we have been discussing this week. 

There will be an opportunity to make up the work and/or finish answering the questions tomorrow, and the work will be taken up tomorrow. 

I hope you all have a wonderful evening! See ya tomorrow, where will we finish up the questions from the story, prepare to map out the plot structure of the short story, and then (if time permits), begin lecturing over our new topic- passive and active voice. 

Narrative Revisions - Checkouts

Hey all! Don't forget to work on your narrative revisions! I'll take the revised version and the draft on Monday to maintain that 100. 

Have a nice weekend! 

Quiz on 8/16!

Don't forget to study your notes you have taken from 8/13 to 8/15! We are having a quiz on Friday, 8/16! 

Heads up, be sure to review plot structure thoroughly. Go to www.mauroela9.weebly.com to see my post and click the YouTube link for additional resource. 

See ya Friday and good luck!!

Helpful Information

Hello, everyone! I wanted to give you a heads up about the resources I have available for my students. I am working on setting up Remind (I'm still unfamiliar with it). I will be posted regularly on this platform, and I also have a class blogsite where I post notes from the day, explanations of the content, and resources that will help further your understanding of the content. 

Please go to this link and check it out regularly. I will post as often as I can.