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Economics (Period 4)

Mr. Ronald Helf
Social Studies

Course Description

Economics is the study of how limited resources are allocated to try and meet unlimited demand.
Since getting my request approved to teach this course for the 18-19 school year, I have been gathering material from a lot of different sources.  This search led me to a fellow teacher:  Ms. E Napp from White Plains, New York.  While collaborating with her, she gave me permission to use any material from her web page, including a TON of PowerPoint slides for notes. My goal is to post the slides I use for notes the same day that I present them.  However, if I am unable to get a slide presentation up in a timely manner, I am including a link to Ms. Napp's site where you will be able to find the original, to my borrowed copy-  :), slide presentation.
Thank you again Ms. Napp!

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