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1/2 day this Friday (2-15) and no school Monday (2-18)
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Ryan Mikes » Fayette-Ware S.T.E.M Program

Fayette-Ware S.T.E.M Program

What is S.T.E.M???
S.T.E.M = Science + Technology + Engineering + Math, to put it short S.T.E.M covers a vast array of Open, and developing fields in areas such as manufacturing, robotics, tech, & web design. These are but a few of the many areas STEM interacts, and covers. STEM is meant to be an activity based hands on learning environment. Where students learn through doing. Students learn the Engineering design process by actually implementing it. Students learn about coding, and robotics by working with and using them. As the program progresses the Students become more independent, as they zero in on areas of STEM they are interested in.
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S.T.E.M 1
S.T.E.M 2