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About Me!!! + Misc.

Greetings students and parents! Welcome to English 2 (10th grade) and Contemporary Issues. As you know, my name is Richard "Lee" Busby. This is my 5th year at Fayette Ware High, and I am thoroughly enjoying my time here. It's a comfortable, laid-back atmosphere, where many opportunities for learning can be had. This year, 2017-18, I am going to try and be a sponsor for the Fayette Ware Movie Club again. We did not have the time to get a film produced last year, but we will strive to make a couple of "shorts" this time. Additionally, I can be called upon during my planning or WIN time for tutoring. Our reading selections and movie analyses are largely based on my own interests in those literary genres. In my spare time, I can be found hanging with my family, including my two nephews -- Owen (8) and Adam (5). Lastly, I am a coach for Arlington Varsity Boys Lacrosse. Well, that pretty much covers the basics. If you need me for anything, do not hesitate to email (richard.busby@fcsk12.net) or call the school.