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1/2 day this Friday (2-15) and no school Monday (2-18)
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Meeting Mr. Helf

  WELCOME TO 2018-2019!
Welcome to the House of Helf!  This year I will be teaching Contemporary Issues and for the FIRST TIME:::::: ECONOMICS!!   I am so pumped about this: I've been wanting to teach Econ for a LONG time and this year things lined up and I am getting my chance! This is going to be a great year!
EXAM ALERT:  There will be a mid term for Economics between Oct 1-4.  The study guide is on your class page.
Parents and Students: 
Be sure to "Subscribe" to the appropriate class in order to get notification when updates are made. Also, notes slides, videos and assignments are posted to the classroom pages for each class.
Link to Econ assignments and bell ringers: Econ Assignments

Link to Contemporary Issues assignments and bell ringers:  CI Assignments


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